The nice thing about vending @ the Hawthorne Urban Farmers’ Market is that it’s so easy to do.  Here is a basic list of  instructions:

  1. Show up
  2. Do your thing
  3. Repeat as needed
Kim of the Portland Black Lipstick Company Demos SE-grown Seedless Grapes at the Hawthorne Market

Kim of the Portland Black Lipstick Company Demos SE-grown Seedless Grapes

There are no fees, no sign-ups, no plans, no penalties….I think you get the idea.  Thanks to the generous folks at the Hawthrone Auto Clinic, we have a parking lot and an extension cord to use.

While most vendors have taken barter as well as cash (or cheque) in 2009, no one is required to do anything, though it does just sort of seem to work well that way.

So, you’ve got an overachieving fruit tree or more summer squash than you can shake a stick at, bring a folding table, cardboard box or just a blanket.  Bring your food, art, handicrafts or just whatever.  Just cuz it’s Hawthorne doesn’t mean you have to be long-haired or freaky.

SE-grown Produce, Full of Goodness

SE-grown Produce, Full of Goodness

The Urban Farmers of SE Portland think it’s more important to get food to people.  If you want to know how it’s grown, just ask the farmer.  While we may be called certifiable by some, it usually isn’t in conjunction with the National Organic Programme as run by the local certifiying agencies of the USDA.  But, it could be.  It’s up to you and your personal inclination to deal with The Man.

And, no matter what happens to California or the twin threads of asphalt that connect Cascadia to the Empire of the Golden Bear, your neighbourhood farmers will always have some nutritious food, even if you may need to ask just what to do with it or why you’re sharing it w/ slugs.

Miss Nikki's Garden Heads

Miss Nikki's Garden Heads and all the art you can muster are welcome @ the HUFM

Again, as a “vendor,” you can do pretty much whatever you like at our market (though you may not get any flowers if you come to practice ass-hattery).  It’s just a shame that freedom seems to end on Hawthorne at 6pm.  I like to get a cuppa @ the Common Grounds Coffeehouse next door and imagine it doesn’t.  You can too.

Join us at the HUFM for one week or twenty.  Do it cuz you want to.  Do it to help feed your neighbours w/ your extra.  Come on by and taste what food distribution was like for the last 10,000 years w/ a few recent exceptions.

Let’s get Southeasty together w/ our neighbours!


2 responses to “Vending

  1. We make organic body care products, we live in Eugene, How many people come through? Is It a popular market? We know nothing.

    • I’ve never done a count, as it tends to change each week, but the market is small compared to many that fees are paid at. However, traffic does seem to be relatively steady throughout the day. Since most of our vendors are found in something like a 10-mile radius, Eugene may be too far to reasonably travel. Either way, you’re welcome any time. Please post back w/ any other questions.

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