Vegans Love HUFM!

Produce From the Hawthorne Urban Farmers Market

Produce From the Hawthorne Urban Farmers' Market by Jess of Get Sconed!

I noticed that Jess from the Get Sconed! blog wrote a wonderful post about us yesterday.  And, come to think of it, I remember her coming by the booth, not knowing that she is something of a virtual, local celeb.  Well, I remember everyone (not by name – my brain doesn’t work like that) who is as mental into fruits and veggies as I am.

And, in case it wasn’t obvious, we love vegans, too.  I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years, myself — I can fully appreciate how much all those veggies are going to cost if you don’t grow ’em yourself or find a good, local outlet to get your veggie on, barter action or not.  Even if we don’t take EBT, HUFM is here to help!  In fact, aside from what I was told this week were very reasonable prices, we’ll try to help anyone afford their healthy veggies — still cheaper than health insurance and probably more effective (certainly more proactive).  Kat sez it’s time for us to raise a barter army to help w/ labour to get our winter crops in.  Now, that’s an idea!

Not only did Jess pick up some darn good lookin’ produce from the vendors, but she was good enough to check out our other craft vendors, too.  The gal who runs the Portland Black Lipstick Company is just about one of the nicest darn people you’re ever going to meet — clever and cute, too!  She’s actually got me wearing lipstick for the first time since Hillary was First Lady – I’m quite fond of the Bug’s Blood.

With regards to Jess’ post, she most awesomely shared her experience with the world in both words and pictures.  You really ought to check it out.

And, I have to say, we do have some of the darn cutest eggplants around, yo!  Wait ’til we bring the orange globes this coming week for Hawthorne Street Fair.  I recommend them for Brother Tony’s Blister Hot Green Curry.


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